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Ever since I was little I could never stay in one place for long. I always wanted to do something different everyday. Sometimes my family would travel a bit, and I'd never want to be home. We would visit Wisconsin Dells, and Jamaica a few times(best place in the world when I was younger.)

Even as a 28 year old I'm desperate to leave my home and never look back. I would travel by myself, forget my life and find a new one. I would get a shitty hippy van and go cross country. I would get my passport and go across the pond, never looking back. Learn every language I can and live life however they do. I'd trace across London, Italy, Ireland, Poland and Iceland. Learn how different everyone is, but similar too. Maybe settle down for a few months till I got bored and needed a change of scenery. However, I'm 28 years old, at a job I despise, doing the same thing everyday, and my only fun time is the drive home. I work for 8 hours, there for 9 and I come home to clean, do laundry, cook and look like I don't want to run away from everything and never tell anyone where I am. I'm engaged and I feel trapped. I don't want to live my life with a single person for eternity. I have never lived my life. I've always done what I have to, so I can survive. I'm still too young to feel so trapped, bored, depressed, and some days suicidal.

How do people do it? How do you go from being a college drop out to being a well paid travel blogger? How do you get medical supplies (type one diabetic on an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor) while you are traveling? How is any of it done? I want to be a nomad. I don't want to have a stationary home. I want to be able to live with what is on my back and love an everyday adventure!!

Is there a cure for wanderlust, is it plausible, have I gone mad?

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