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Fort Myers Beach, Florida

As I sit at my desk, looking out onto the street I day dream about all those years ago. The warm shimmering pale sand on my equally as pale skin. The soft gulf breeze cooling my hot, soon to be burn shoulders as my eyes squint at the tides rolling in and out of the shore. Feeling at peace for the first time in a very long time as my short hair tangles behind me. Fort Myers Beach, Florida has had a huge impact on my mind since I was a child. From the breath taking sea, to the laid back town that was crowded enough to make you attentive to all the attractions and food, but calm enough not to spike your anxiety.

We happened to be there during spring break, and rented a two bedroom bungalow with a little café called "Tuckaway Café" down the street. Granted this was well before the remodel. There I experienced the most amazingly smooth iced coffee in my life. It was something I indulged in most mornings.

I'd always have a book with me. On this trip I happen to bring about five books. I'd lounge by the water with my mom with a book in my hands while my younger brother was jumping around in the ocean. Every 30 minutes or so my mom would throw a sunscreen bottle at me. Of course it is at least 50 SPF since have the lightest Scandinavian skin in the area and would be the first to burn.

While we were there, I would walk the beach daily. This was the only time in my antsy teenage years I wouldn't be connected to my phone or have my headphones on. The breeze and waves calming my hectic mind. What I would give to be back there now as an adult.

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