Letters To “You”

By Tatyana Flores

27 Weeks and 3 Days

       Dear You, 

Why do you move around so much? They say it's a wonderful thing for your baby to move around, but I think in this case it is a bit excessive. It makes me think you are going to be the most hyper active little one in the world. I get to meet you soon and I am terrified. Your father and I are doing everything we can to prepare for you. But I don't think I will ever be prepared to be your mom. I can already imagine what life with me as a mom is gonna be like. Unconventional, unpredicatable, and crazy are just three words to describe how your life will be. I turn 21 while your still inside my belly. And I'm struggling to accept the fact that I need help. I'll be honest with you here Ace, I never expected or predicted I would become a mom. Kids were not even in the ball park of conversation. Sure, I took care of your aunt Chy but that will never equate to taking care of you. And while I may never be the perfect parent, who doesn't make mistakes I will always be your mom. I will always be in your corner. Once we found out about you, I knew there would never be a time that I wouldn't be your mom anymore. And I'm so thankful for you, little bean. Daddy and I are naming you Atticus Reign, after my love of literature and the biggest fact that it will no longer be just your father and I. You will literally "reign" over our lives, like the sun we orbit around. I hope I don't mess you up kiddo. I'm going to try my best to make sure your life is filled with the sounds of laughter and fun. I love you, my sweet ray of sunshine. I pray one day you can look back on these letters and learn a thing or two from me. 

                               With all the love I could possibly give,

                                                          Your Mom